Adapt, reinvent, break the mold...
The Mentor Group embodies this pioneering spirit, promoting innovation and foresight.
With 7 business sectors, over 30 professions, 2,400 employees, and a presence in 15 countries, it offers its expertise across a wide range of activities.

Debt consolidation loan
Investment and loan insurance
Debt consolidation loan
Loans comparison website
Loan comparison website
Lead management center
Cround founding
Real estate agency
Real Estate Brokerage
Insurance and placement
IT and marketing
Webmarketing agency
Web agency
Website creation
Internet access solution
Real estate
Real estate developer
Real Estate
Real estate design
Promotion and development
Land development
Property acquisition and management
Renovation and interior work
Interior joinery
Sale with Repurchase Option
Automated machines
Medical tattoo removal
International College of Aesthetic Medicine
Medical Holding
Recruitment agency
Freelance platform
Advice on business acquisitions and disposals
Hydrogen Consulting and Investment
Training Center
Endowment fund for bees
Cyber security
Cyber Training Center